Cellet 10W Qi Wireless Charging Window And Dash Mount



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Key Features

Featuring innovative technology, the Cellet Wireless Charging Pad allows users to quickly charge their wireless charging-ready devices by simply placing the phone on the charging pad. Blue LED will light up when the phone is placed on the charging pad correctly. Charging pad has an output of 5W/1 amp of power to fully charge a smartphone within 1-3 hours, depending on the device.

Product Features

  • No Cables. No Problems
  • Built-in blue LED power indicator showing device is charging properly
  • Input 4.8-5.2V/1.5-2 amps
  • Output 5V/1 amp

    *Please Note device must be wireless charging-enabled or have a wireless charging receiver installed. Wireless charging receiver sold separately

  • Specifications

    Height 8 inches
    Width 4 inches
    Depth 3 inches
    Weight 8.96 ounces

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