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Fleet management in the natural resource and energy sectors is a challenging business. Service delivery, asset management, profitability and safety are all key issues that companies must address. Managing them effectively requires visibility and insight into the location of your vehicles, equipment and workers, at all times. But this can be very difficult to achieve when field work is mobile and in remote locations.

TELUS Remote Fleet Tracker is a fleet management and worker safety solution created in partnership with GEOTrac International™.  more...

Fleet Complete

Asset Tracker
Keep track of your important assets 

Always know where your valuable assets are with TELUS Asset Tracker. Discreet and portable tags, the size of a matchbox, can be easily inserted into high value goods as they move through the delivery chain or affixed to valuable mobile assets such as trailers and cargo.

Fleet Tracker
Track and manage your fleet in real-time

Gain visibility and insight into the whereabouts and activities of each of your vehicles with TELUS Fleet Tracker.  Shift the way you manage your fleet operations with a solution that gives you access to your fleet’s real-time status as well as historical reporting including vehicle location, travel speed, vehicle idling (yes/no), vehicle requirements  and much more.

Resource Tracker
Locate your mobile workers in real-time

Help improve your business operations, meet changing priorities and improve customer service with TELUS Resource Tracker.  Locate and report the location of each of your employees’ handsets and their whereabouts from any computer.

Available on Mike, PCS and 3G+ devices.


Track and Dispatch
Locate your mobile workers and dispatch job requests in real-time

Track the location of your mobile workforce, dispatch job requests to the closest worker and update work assignments as needed with TELUS Track and Dispatch.  Get a leg up on your competition and provide your customers with best in class customer service by immediately reacting to their urgent requests.     

Available on Mike, PCS and 3G+ devices.