Business & Home Security

Control your business or home security system on-the-go

Keep your business safe. BOND-O Secure Business offers 24/7 protection and monitoring powered by Canada’s largest and fastest1 network. Safeguard your business with an easy-to-use app where you instantly receive alerts, remotely watch real-time and recorded videos, and wirelessly manage locks and thermostats. Plus for a limited time, get your business security system professionally installed at no extra charge.

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Building Security


Commercial-grade monitoring

Reduce false alarms with ULC-certified* business security system; access alerts, video surveillance, and security controls.

Easy-to-use security app

Remotely control and monitor the security of your business through a single app on your smartphone or tablet.

Advanced automation

Automatically arm your business for worry-free protection, and manage your thermostat preferences to save on energy costs.

Guard Response

Send a security guard to check if there is a true intrusion before dispatching the police and incurring a cost for a false alarm.

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